Connecting Women 


mFish is a public private partnership initiative and program  focused on bridging the digital divide for small scale fishermen by connecting them to mobile services that with applied knowledge or associated life skill application, can positively enhance their livelihood.

As a result:

  • Fisherman are more connected to their family, community and the local NGO helping them
  • GPS and interactive maps makes them feel safer and helps them navigate during the day and night
  • Accurate weather information ( tides, wind etc. )
  • Catches logged and data shared with local NGO to improve sustainability
  • Efficiency has lead to catch increase

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    6x6 was derived from the understanding of the power in connected networks, minds and causes. The founders of 6x6, Sofia Blake and Neeru Singh believe that by connecting ambitious women who are dreaming big and stepping outside the box, to a connected community of support, they will be given a platform to continue accelerating their own growth but also become catalysts for others. 

    To tell these stories and create catalyst for change, we first began by recording their stories. 


    Connecting women in Rural India: A Mobile MicroFinance & Farming Program


    Technology for Ocean Plastic & Environment





    My work with oceans advocate Emily Penn to raise awareness around the problem of ocean waste in Indonesia and amplify support on methods to reduce the footprint of plastic in the ocean and small islands that make up the beautiful country. 

    Emily Penn is a conservationist focused on connecting with individuals directly at the source of the environments biggest problems, and finding solutions for them through fostering behavior change.