After building a career in mobility services, the past three years my work has been focused on innovation for inclusion. This is done by partnering with mobile operators, NGO's, brands and governments in order to extend mobile technology and reach individuals at the bottom of the social and economic pyramid.

The simple idea to connect these individuals has become a personal journey. I have been exposed to individuals of all walks of life in some of the most remote areas of the world. I have negotiated with governments, executed first of its kind partnerships with mobile operators and fished with fishermen along the archipelago.

I am inspired daily by the people I meet. The majority of them ordinary people doing incredible work.

I have come to understand technology as a physical medium. I have learned the most impactful connectivity is in the bonds we create, extending far beyond the confines of basic mobile broadband. 

I've realized that building and maintaining partnerships requires forming relationships, forming strategies, forming solutions, and forming respect and trust. 

When we empower individuals with vital tools we create the potential to uplift a community, a region, a country and each other.

Everything I do inspires me to do more. 

Aligned with this passion, I recently co-founded DN-8 a collective that tries to impact change through activation projects around the world. 

I am the founder of Connected Voices, a movement to empower women by enabling their voices to be heard. 

I currently advise start-ups launching or activating projects in SE Asia.