Emily is the founder of Love Lombok, an NGO committed to providing direct, immediate relief to earthquake victims and refugees on the island of Lombok, Indonesia.

Lombok has been shaken by several massive earthquakes and over =1,000 tremors over the past 2-months leaving thousands of the island's inhabitants without homes and forced to flee for safety in areas without access to clean drinking water and basic life essentials.  Love Lombok promises to focus on assisting with relief in post-trauma recovery and rebuilding the community through implementation of sustainable programs centered around connecting women to economic opportunity.

Her previous experience is in working with brands, mobile operators, governments and NGO partners to extend mobile broadband connectivity to individuals living in poverty, in some of the world’s most remote areas. The first project she led in partnership with the US State Dept. connected a fishing village to mobile data, communication services, and tools. The fishing village was located on the remote Island of Lombok, Indonesia.